Conditions Treated

Osgood Schlotters

This condition is usually occuring in children, and consists of both knees being affected as a result of strain. It is often an injury occuring from lunging and jumping activities wherein the tendon begins to pull the growth plate of the shin bone away from the surface. The resulting pain affects the kneecaps, kneescausing them to be tender to the touch.

Treatment Plan

The treatment consists of physiotherapies including electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound to reduce inflammation and pain. Myofascial release therapy will be administered to the muscles and tendons of the knee in order to correct knee-tracking dysfuntion. Another important part of the rehabilitation will be a series of home stretches and exersises to strengthen and stabalize the knee and surrounding area.

About Knees, Shin, and Calf Pain

The condition above is a commonly treated problem resulting from pelvic imbalances which have led to an inordinate amount of stress on the legs, and consequent serious injuries; these types of injuries are usually best treated with an effective regimen of chiropractic care.

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