Injuries and Treatment

Most common injuries usually occur when you are doing something insignificant like cleaning your apartment, mild workouts, bending the wrong way, putting on your shoes, etc. Initially, you may not feel any symptoms that day. The next day when you wake up, however, you may feel stiff and achy. Two or three days later, you may not be able to move or get out of bed secondary to severe pain and muscle spasms. This injury occured because of improper joint and spinal biomechanics, imbalance in muscle tone, and loss of range of motion. Restoring the normal range of motion, biomechanics and muscle tone is important to achieving optimal performance and function, thereby preventing future injuries.

Within the first 24 hours after an initial injury, it is advisable to ice the injured area repeatedly 10-20 minutes two to the three times per day.

Once you have an injury the body must go through specific stages of healing. This healing process cannot be skipped but through proper treatment, we can speed up the healing process up to 50-75% faster.

Be sure to do appropriate stretches for your condition three to five times a day.

Pain is usually a final indicator that something is wrong. Pain receptors will only be activated when there are large amounts of pressure, compression, stretching, noxious chemicals, etc. in your body. Problems can exist without pain. For example, patients with cancer do not realize there is a problem because no pain/symptoms exist. It is the same with certain musculoskeletal problems. Through tests such as range of motion, palpation, orthopedic and functional tests, the doctor will determine if you have fully recovered. At this time the doctor will discharge you from treatment.

If you are working out and you experience pain, do not ignore it and continue to work out. Your body is telling you that you are damaging tissue. This will result in tissue and joint deterioration and should be checked out immediately with your chiropractor.

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