Conditions Treated

Rotator Cuff Impingement

In this condition pain is often felt on the front and side areas of the shoulder. Occasionally pain will radiate down the arm and toward the elbow. Patients will experience a painful pinching sensation when the arm is raised. If impingements are left untreated they shoulderwill often develop into a rotator cuff tear.

Treatment Plan

The treatment plan involves a series of programs and exercises designed to reduce the swelling, break up the scar tissue, and improve the range of motion until the patient is pain-free. Once this has been accomplished, we focus on re-educating the muscle imbalances in order to prevent any further injury in the future.

About Shoulder / Arm Pain

Common injuries of the shoulder/arm area are often the result of poor posture, muscle imbalances, or repetitive strain from daily activities such as carrying a shoulder bag. It is important not only to rehabilitate the affected muscles and joints, but also to provide the patient with alternatives for postures and movements that cause the problem.

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