Conditions Treated


This is an injury in which the neck becomes stuck and rotates to the side. It happens mostly to children during the birth process and also due to their active lifestyles. They strain their neck repeatedly throughout the day playing. Later, they fall asleep with their head twisted to the side, and when they awake the cervical joints lock, thus keeping the head in a rotated position. neckChildren tend to heal very quickly if intervention is immediate.

Treatment Plan

The treatment plan will include only natural healing procedures to remedy the condition. A combination of ultrasound, modalities of ice and heat, and specific pressure point massage will assist in the healing process. In some instances a soft collar is used to help reduce the pressure of the head on the neck. All treatments are performed in the presence of the child's guardian.

About Neck Pain

It is estimated that nearly every American will experience some type of Neck Pain in his/her lifetime. Ironically, unlike Lower Back pain, most people do not actively seek treatment until the pain is too intense. Instead they self-medicate with over the counter drugs or experiment with prescription drugs. Most neck problems are Neuro-musculo-skeletal, meaning the root of the problem is from a nerve, a muscle, a bone or all three. Click below for a brief analysis of various conditions treated successfully in our office. Herniated Disc A disc does not "slip". It can tear, bulge, or herniate. All are problems which affect exiting nerves from the spine that irritate muscles via intermittent spasm. This condition can cause numbness, burning pain, and tingling into the shoulder blade or into the arm and fingers. People often have difficulty turning their head, as well as finding a comfortable position for their neck when sleeping.

Less than 1% of our patients require surgery as an outcome. Our plan is to use traction, electric stimulation, ultrasound and other pain controlling modalities, with a combination of special neuro-muscular pressure points to release scar tissue, and specific joint mobilization techniques that take the pressure off other spinal discs and nerve roots, so your injury can heal more quickly. We assist you with specific exercises designed for your posture, as well as exercises for home.

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