Conditions Treated

Suboccipital Headache

This condition is characterized by a deep dull constant throbbing at the base of the skull. Patients will often try to relieve the pain by rubbing and applying headpressure on the back of the neck.

Treatment Plan

The treatment involves physical therapy modalities, therapeutic muscle stretching and neuromuscular re-education. Add to the above a regimen of doctor-assisted stretching and self home exercises designed to build strength and improve body posture.

About Headaches

70% of all headaches are musculoskeletal. It is estimated that nearly every American will experience head and/or neck pain in his or her lifetime. 157 million workdays are lost each year due to head and neck pain costing some 55 billion dollars in lost productivity. 1.3 million school days are lost annually due to head and neck pain in children. Ironically, unlike lower back pain, most people do not actively seek treatment. Instead, they self-medicate or depend on prescription drugs for what is at best only temporary relief, and at worst, a form of substance abuse with its own medical consequences.

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