Conditions Treated

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis is characterized by pain and occasional swelling at the back of the heel. The patient will experience a tightness of the calves and pain when wearing footwear that rubs against the tendon. If left untreated, Achilles Tendonitis may rupture, and then will kneesrequire surgical repair.

Treatment Plan

The treatment involves reducing any swelling, followed by a series of stretching exercises. Much of the pain can be reduced by simply avoiding further aggravation: a change of footwear, activity, or treatment designed to alleviate pressure on the tendon and the back of the heel.

About Ankle, Foot, and Heel Pain

Injuries to the ankle, foot and heel areas, come about as a result of unequal bearing of weight by the legs and feet. These imbalances can often cause undue stress to be exerted on the joints of the feet and ankles.

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